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My name is JJ

And for the last five years, I ran tournaments, produced and directed broadcasts and helped companies navigate the Esports space. What started as observing for online Dota tournaments in 2013, quickly evolved further and now I'm happy to offer services and know-how in the whole Esports space, with a focus on broadcast consulting and Dota 2.

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What I Do

I help you put on a great tournament. Be that through observing, producing or consulting.

All things ingame production

Viewers and attendees expect a crisp, smooth and well-produced broadcast of their favourite game. I make sure that your graphics team knows everything about overlays and the game UI, your audio engineer has a "DotaTV" mix ready, your observer has the best game-settings for the broadcast and you have everything else that is needed.

Streaming and Encoding

Webstreaming to services like twitch requires a fundamentally different approach compared to producing a TV broadcast. I brief your broadcast team on encoding, broadcast standards and all the annoying issues that could potentially come up. Your stream will stand out in picture quality and smoothness.

Tournament Format and Rules

Esports tournaments seemingly have unlimited different formats with varying strengths and weaknesses. I design a fitting format based on your needs and timeline with you and also make sure your rules are up to standard, from pause timers to coinflip rules.

Public Relations and Social Media

Esports scenes can have inside jokes and a certain humour that can be, at times, not immediately obvious. I help your social media team with the intricacies of the scene to maximise engagement. And just in case something doesn't go as planned, I can also help with statements to defuse anger on subreddits and other social media.

Connecting you to the right people

My experience working with tournament organisers, production companies, graphics providers, talent and teams allows me to maintain an extensive network in the industry that I use to refer you the best people for your needs.

Financial Sanity Checks

For tournament organisers that come into the Esports space, working with external vendors is a necessity. The costs that are pitched can range from a good deal to a rip-off and I help you to evaluate the proposed offers to find the best fitting third party contractor for the job.

Ingame Directing and Observing in Dota 2

As observer, I frame what the audience will see on the big screen. Following the casters' talking points while catching every bit of action around the map is an art, perfected through thousands of hours observing and playing Dota 2. As Ingame Director, I make sure the observer, game stats and replay ops are all synced up and working in tandem.

All about the Hardware

Pro players expect high performing machines to play the game on. As a hardware- and benchmark enthusiast, I help pro players and streamers build PCs, fix their technical issues and even engineer their 2-PC setups in my free time. Knowledge gained from hours of testing can also be applied to tournaments: The highest performing machines enable the pros to play their best and deliver awesome moments for the viewer.

See me work

SAP accompanied me in this exclusive behind-the-scenes documentary about observing and ingame production.

Recent Selected Events

ESL One Hamburg

Ingame Director and Observer

Photocredit: ESL

GESC: Thailand

Producer and Consultant

The International 2018

Ingame Observer

Photocredit: TheHexHaven on

World Showdown of Esports


Photocredit: World Showdown of Esports (WSOE)

ESL One Katowice

Ingame Director and Observer

Photocredit: ESL

Captain's Draft 4

Producer and Organiser

Photocredit: MoonduckTV

My Clients

Voices from the industry

Having one person to go whether it's about detailed in-game data questions in Dota, a broadcast that needs to be produced or whatever else comes up in the space of esports is fantastic. And JJ provides all that and more.

Milan Cerny
Milan Cerny Technology & Innovation Lead, SAP Global Sponsorships

Whenever i have any tech or computer issues JJ is my go to guy. Whether its an issue hes familiar with or not, it doesn't matter, somehow he always comes up with a solution in no time like the time he helped me install my unique 2pc 1440p streaming setup.

Photocredit: Valve Corp.
Henrik "Admiral Bulldog" Ahnberg Most watched Dota 2 streamer on

JJ is an outstanding Observer with a special sense for the game like no other. He shows you what you want to see - and even more. Only by watching a stream for a couple of minutes you can tell it's him and his unique way of observing Dota.

Carolin Hanisch
Carolin Hanisch Marketing Manager, ESL

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